What You Think We Do

There are a lot of ideas on what librarians are and what they do out there. And unsurprisingly, a lot of it is very wrong, and very misinformed. When we asked some people we know what they think of when someone mentions a librarian, they said things like “They wear glasses and pencil skirts” and “They’re snooty and they’re all women.” It’s no surprise that they think this way, when the Western media tends to indulge in these stereotypes, making it harder for us to fight them. So exactly how have they been portraying librarians over the years? Here are some notable examples we found of these representations in TV and film.

“Do You Want To Be A Librarian?”

Here’s a 1947 occupational film about the library profession. As you can see, it’s very dated and biased (not to mention unintentionally hilarious), but it’s fun to catch a glimpse of the “history” of librarians, and see how far we’ve come.

“Librarian Lays Down the Law”

Now here’s a doozy. Librarians do a lot of book stamping, we’re (again) obsessed with the Dewey Decimal System, and we yell at incompetent people who mess up the system. Scary!

“Seinfeld – The Library Cop”

According to Seinfeld, libraries are so persistent in getting back unreturned books that they actually become…cops! At least he understands the importance of equality of access to information…

“The Insulting Librarian – Mitchell & Webb”

Remember, folks, librarians are very judgmental, especially regarding your reading preferences.

And just to leave things on a happy note…

“The Librarian Song”