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I’m a Master of Information of student.
I collect records (George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass shown in picture) and I play(ish) the banjo.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your hobby?
There’s a great culture to collecting records and hanging around record stores.  And I play the banjo because I love old country and folk music – Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music was a key compendium of songs for me.  It feels good to try and play music that moves me.

Do you need peace and quiet to work?
No, if I did I would be in trouble.  I work on the main floor desk at a public library which is always busy and noisy.  But that just means it’s lively!  I love it.

How your professional life informs your recreational life:
Just recently in class we talked about the information patterns of leisure, and there is definitely an organized culture to record collecting that I participate in.  We review albums, lend each other music, and listen to records together as a way of sharing information.  People can also have a very intimate relationship with their record collection.   They can sort their collections in a way that’s meaningful to them.  You notice a lot of different patterns and you get a sense of how people connect to their music and connect to fellow collectors in a stronger way through the knowledge they have of records and the music they listen to.