Twitter: @LVouge

MI Candidate University of Toronto, MA American Cultural Studies, University of Western Ontario

What is the most rewarding thing about your hobby?

I recently just completed a MA in American Studies at UWO. I still find myself reading, and keeping up with recent articles in my area of interest – women and crime in the American South in the lat- nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries. In the pictures, you can see me in front my old office, and with Anita Hill. I am also a peer reviewer for the NeoAmericanist, and will be for the newly formed The Body Electric at the Center for American Studies at UWO, which I find to be a lot of fun, and interesting, because it allows me to read other articles by academics working in American Studies. I also plan on, maybe, doing a Ph.D. in American Studies or History one day.

When I’m not being studious I bake, and it’s mostly stress baking. I find that it really clears my head, and then I get something delicious to eat afterwards (and as you can see in the picture, I’m pretty good because there isn’t much of it left).

Last, I’m one of the creators of this blog!

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my job is getting real experience working in a library. I work at Scholar’s Portal with the EBooks team. I assess the quality of the metadata, MARC records, the .pdfs that have been uploaded, and fix or report the issues I find. I think that any experience working with digital sources really important for librarians entering the workforce.

How often do you shelve books?
-Matt E

I never shelve books because the books I work with are digital.

How boring is your job?
-Matt E

Honestly, my job gets a little redundant, but it’s a student job, and I find myself lucky to actually have a job in a library. However, there are times when I’m actually interested in the book I’m checking, or the metadata requires a big fix that makes me think.

Are you so bored that you have to find a crazy hobby to keep your life interesting?

No. I’m actually interested in my hobbies.

Do librarians have secret exciting inner lives to compensate for their regular public lives?

I actually consider myself an extremely boring person, but I think that’s just who I am. I don’t feel the need to compensate at all.

Do you love reading?
-Amy H

I love reading so much, I’ve had to get two new bookshelves in the last five years recently to actually fit all the books I own. I commute, and I use the time on the bus as my “down time,” so I read the fiction I want to in order to relax after long days on campus.

Do you need peace and quiet to work?
-Amy H

Absolutely not – working when it’s quiet make me anxious. I almost always have my headphones in (even at work) in order to have noise in the background.