Name: Leah Williams
Contact: @LeahintheLib (twitter) and leahthelibrarian.wordpress.com
Job Title: Technology Consultant
Hobby: Skiing

What is the most rewarding thing about your hobby?
The adrenaline rush I get from skiing really fast. Also, just knowing that I’m really good at something other than being a librarian 🙂

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
Helping people. I provide the service of knowledge, which is really gratifying because I am helping people learn what they want to learn. Unlike a teacher, I do mostly one-on-one instruction and consultations. People who want to learn are very thankful for the service I provide.

How does your professional life inform your recreational life?
I love representing librarians in public. I feel a responsibility to be cultured, so I make an effort to attend theatre productions and musical performances. I also watch a lot of Jeopardy.

How does your recreational life inform your professional life?
I’m always interested in learning more about my hobbies. If I need to give examples to a patron, I always lean toward my interests. My librarian skills have definitely helped me learn more about my hobbies.

What do librarians/you do all day?
Answer questions. Any and all questions. I also create learning guides and teach workshops.

Does every librarian do the same thing?

How often do you shelve books?

How often do you do office work?
About 50% of the time.

How boring is your job?
Not nearly as boring as my last job!

Is what you do satisfying?
Absolutely. I love it.

Do librarians have secret exciting inner lives to compensate for their regular public lives?
Probably, but I would recommend that for any profession, not just librarians.

Do you love reading?
Yes! But that’s not why I became a librarian.