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Joan Chung

Media Librarian – CBC/Radio-Canada – Music Library

Distance running and triathlon

The question of what a real librarian looks like is a difficult question to answer.  A real librarian comes in many forms and may have very interesting lives outside of the library; they may be musicians, athletes, volunteers, parents, and artists.

I currently train with the University of Toronto Masters Track Club as well as the University of Toronto Triathlon Club.  In addition to the regular workouts with these clubs, I have participated in various races, including the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2012, the Angus Glen Half Marathon 2012, the Toronto Triathlon Festival, and the K-Town Triathlon in Kingston, Ontario.  Being part of these groups not only offers consistent and effective training and coaching, but it also provides the camaraderie of an inspirational group of athletes, consisting of a broad range of age groups and from a wide variety of professional areas, all with the same passion for the sport.

The most rewarding part of training with these groups is being surrounded by individuals who have made the effort to create that balance between their professional lives and responsibilities and the time required to fulfill their desire to train.  It is sometimes difficult to find the energy to make it to a workout after a long day of cataloguing, acquisitions, and reference requests, but witnessing the dedication of those who face up to the challenge of maintaining that balancing act between our professional, personal, and recreational lives, makes it easier to remember why we’ve chosen our sport in the first place.